Made-Up Main Characters List (W.I.P.)

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Made-Up Main Characters List (W.I.P.)

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:08 pm

Here is a list of main characters that I have created for the sight. Please do not change anything about the characters on this list unless you are given permission by an Administrator.


Name: Callum Holt
Face Claim: Taron Egerton
Race: Vampire
Bloodline: Elijah Mikaelson's Bloodline
Age/Birthdate: Born October 19th, 1789 (Appears to be 21 years old but is actually 763 years of age)

Personality: Callum is an old vampire who likes to act human more than anything. He is very chivalrous towards all women and is a very gentle-hearted person towards anyone. He will do whatever it takes to see that justice is served at the proper time when given, and is eager to help anyone.

History: Callum Holt was born within the royal family of England, however he was born with a mental illness that is now known as autism, and his parents thought that he was not fit to even be their son let alone the future king of England, so they locked him up in the dungeon, however he escaped with the help from a man known as Elijah. Once they escaped, Elijah and Callum had come to know each other. Elijah saw Callum as his own son as Callum saw Elijah as his own father. Elijah did not want to turn him, but his brother Niklaus wanted to. Niklaus had used Callum while as a Human, compelling him to search for the next Petrova Doppleganger, which is how Niklaus had found Katherine. The night Katherine had fled from Niklaus and had turned into a Vampire, Niklaus had punished Elijah by turning Callum into a Vampire.

Callum over the years had took an oath and had swore never to harm a human life, ever. He had come to New Orleans to help Elijah, Niklaus, and Rebekah to take back New Orleans in order to make the city safe for baby Hope Miklaeson who was not born at the time. Now that Genevieve is dead, they must now focus on killing Esther and the rest of the Mikaelson family who are against them.


Name: Allan Forbes
Face Claim: Brenton Thwaites
Race: Vampire
Bloodline: Niklaus Bloodline
Age/Birthdate: Born May 17th, 1995 (Appears to be 20 years old but is 23 years old)

Personality: Allan is like very typical male young adult, but can be more obnixious about it. However, he can be a sweet young man to anyone who needs help. He can also act on impulse when saving someone close to him or if he gets angered by what someone says to him.

History: Allan is Caroline's older cousin who had gotten into a lot of trouble but had kept it all to his self until it was too late to tell anyone. He had sold illegal narcotics as well as abused them. Rather than turn him in, Sheriff Forbes had sign him into rehab in order get the help Alan needed. He was in rehab until Klaus and his family came into town. Alan had been told by Caroline about Niklaus thinking it was her ex boyfriend, and had confronted him during the festivities at the Miklaelson Mansion. Caroline pleaded him not to kill Alan, so instead Niklaus turned him into a Vampire instead.

Now, Alan is living in New Orleans with Mikaelsons. He had agreed to help Tyler kill him, however Alan had come to realize there was a bigger problem between them when the Witch Genevieve was targeting all of the Vampires in New Orleans. Alan has now agreed to help the Mikaelsons restore New Orleans to it's former glory in order bring Hope back home to them and in exchange for helping them the Mikaelsons agreed to help give him a place to stay.


Name: Greyson Gilbert
Face Claim: Robbie Amell
Race: Werewolf (Bitten/True Alpha)
Bloodline: N/A
Age/Birthday: Born May 14th, 1996

Personality: Greyson can be very ignorant without really noticing it at all until its too late. Even though he can be a stereotypical, rude jerk to someone, he is actually a very loving, funny, and caring person.

History: Greyson had left Mystic Falls when he was 18 years old. He didn't want to deal with his parents who had abused him when he was a young boy. His cousins Elena and Jeremy Gilbert had not heard from since then which was a little over a year. He had moved to a city in Virginia, not far from his own home state, but he faced even bigger problems. He bitten by an Alpha Werewolf after getting into a fight with him. After dealing with his new supernatural ordeal, he left Arkansas and has moved back to Mystic Falls, not realizing the danger back in his hometown.



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